Sunday, June 22, 2008



In the 18 days since the FTS was born, I have failed at the following:

  • Remembering one my best friend’s Jack & Jill baby shower
  • Giving my nephew and godson (and one of my favorite people on the planet) a graduation and 18th birthday present
  • Visiting my parents
  • Getting enough done at work
  • Keeping up with posts from my favorite bloggers (Manager Mom, Always Home and Uncool, and the rest of the list off to the left there)
  • Keeping up with my own non-blog writing projects

In short, The FTF has become the DHD – the Dill Hole Dad.

Everyone tells you how much your life will change and how all-consuming parenthood will be, but you just don’t grok until you’re in its midst. When you’re not handling the baby – marveling at every sound, facial expression, and flick of a finger; trying to quell a nascent fit before it gets out of control; feeding, burping, changing, clothing, and fretting over him – you’re doing laundry, washing bottles, reading parenting books, and trying to sleep. And you’re still going to work and mowing the lawn and balancing the checkbook and taking out the trash (which there is now a mountain of) and yadda yadda yadda. How then are we supposed to find time for all the other stuff…the fun stuff?

I don’t know, but find time I will. The last thing the FTS needs is a DHD. I’ve always believed you lead by example, so I think the FTM and I need to figure out how to live active, fun lives, specifically so the FTS sees healthy, well-adjusted parents. (Well, so he sees what appear to be healthy, well-adjusted parents.)

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we should bring our two week old to a movie, just that we should remember there’s a mommy and daddy life beyond being mommy and daddy. So I say farewell DHD, and welcome back FTF.

Coming next….the FTF gets political.


Always Home and Uncool said...

Thanks for the shout.

It's easy to get overpowered by the newborn but, trust me, it's worth the sacrifice.

And coffee and No-Doz help.

Manager Mom said...

Awww on the shout... and awww again for reminding me of those first few magical days. The ones I completely forget now because they were a haze of exhaustion.

If you ever need a break (even if it's for a cup of coffee) I'm happy to cover the young 'un for a few hours...